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Director of the Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI)

Member of the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNetS)

Professor at the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering (SICE)

Indiana University, Bloomington, USA


  • I have been elected Fellow of the American Physical Society for foundational contributions to the statistical physics of complex networks, and particularly to the study of community detection in networks and applications to social and scientific networks. Thanks to the Society and to all my collaborators and mentors for this distinguished recognition! See Luddy's release here.

  • Our overview of network community detection on the 20th anniversary of the Girvan-Newman paper is out in Nature Physics! Delightful first collaboration with the great Mark Newman

  • I have been elected Fellow of the Network Science Society for seminal work in network community structure leading to advances in multiresolution approaches and validation, and for contributions to disseminating network science. Thanks to the Society and to all my collaborators and mentors for this amazing honor! See Luddy's release here.

  • I am the 21st recipient of the Zachary's Karate Club Award, for being the first to mention the famous network at NetSci 2022. Thanks to Jesus Arroyo Relion for handing it to me!

  • The first meeting on Future Directions in Multilayer Network Science, within the scope of our NSF project AccelNet-MultiNet, took place in Boston on July 15-16, 2022. Great discussion on the future of multilayer network science! Thanks to Northeastern University Network Science Institute for hosting such a great event!

  • I am co-I of the grant KBASE2: Korean Brain Aging Study, Longitudinal Endophenotypes and Systems Biology (August 2021-August 2026), a $11,200,000 project funded by the National Institutes of Health with the goal of identifying biomarkers for early detection of Alzheimer disease. Here is a press release

  • I am PI of the grant Multilayer network embeddings and applications to real-world problems (May 2021-May 2024), a $450k project funded by the Army Research Office that aims at developing embeddings of multilayer networks. See our press release

  • Our book A first course in network science, coauthored with Filippo Menczer and Clayton Davis, is available via Amazon! Possibly the most accessible textbook on the topic, requiring only minimal background in math and programming, it includes almost 200 exercises and Python tutorials (one for each chapter), that will teach students how to play with networks from scratch. It has been ranked number 1 in the list of Amazon's hot new releases in physics!

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